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Tanks Art Market

April 28, 2014

What a beautiful day at the Tanks Art Market today- launched marika ceramics to a wonderful reception to my work- a few details to consider for next month .
So many pieces found new homes 🙂 – a little daunting at first as a “newbie” to the scene of market selling- a few new ideas passed onto me and an invitation from an independent funky gallery to sell from 🙂
The sun shone all day- phew! Was a little concerned from rain of past few days ….
I met beautiful families , travellers, and awesome locals praising and appreciating my work


Up till 3 am with anxious thoughts – power napped till 6am and off to markets by 7.30 am queue…
Surrounded by incredible greenery, beautiful market stall holders and wonderful friends who stopped in to lend their support and coffee 😉 –

Thank you Tim – you rock
I had one of the most memorable days of my life – pursuing my passion for ceramics and working towards establishing my wares towards a household name – a long wondrous road ahead.
I will be making contact with the Cairns Regional gallery who contacted me via my blog to sell work on consignment- my lovely porcelain wares will find new homes 🙂

My porcelain jewellery was a hit 🙂 and many pieces are now being lovingly adorned on some new clients – I always aimed at creating art work that could be accessible to every person. A funky pair of earrings was the perfect concept for our many visiting tourists to Cairns.

Handcrafted glazed porcelain beads, glass beads on sterling silver posts. ©

Handcrafted glazed porcelain pendants, platinum lustre on sterling silver posts. ©
My terracotta “Red Earth” range will develop into a full tableware range- and more colours added to the range- stay tuned –

Red terracotta, coloured slips, sgrafitto
Marika Mago 2014 ©

Well it’s back on the wheel today at Tafe- learning reduction firing techniques….

Happy pottering.

©All images remain the property @marika ceramics – concept and design elements remain as intellectual property @marika ceramics @copyright law.


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  1. Mick Towle-Stecewicz permalink

    Congratulations Mari. You have done so well and glad to you are successfull x love from canada


    Sent from Samsung Mobile

    • Thank Mick – exhausted but completely happy- off to potter now – thank u for ur support xxxx love from tropical cairns xxx

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