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December 11, 2013

After many attempts at utilising the technique devised from Forrest Lesch Middleton, I perfected the recipe required to develop a silk screen print transfer to a cylinder form on the wheel and create volume from inside the form, thus creating another movement on the surface. I was excited, I could see the makings of my “Totem” that would encompass the printmaking and ceramics techniques developed from the images captured from my “Road Trip” series….

These would later develop a series of functional wares, continuing with geometric surface decoration and the form of the ceramic ware developed earlier in August 2013. The form expanded further in the base and developments in interesting bases were now priority, I was getting closer to my Holy Grail Cup..


silk screen print test 10/09/2013 test #1 volume transfer technique

Developing the concept and construction with journal notes and research of Forrest Middleton Volume Transfer Technique proved tricky, he makes it look so easy!! After many attempts at the recipe and correct paper for transfer I was successful in creating several components that would form my totem. On the wheel I was then able to (after several attempts) create the movement internally and stretching the image on the surface, developing another interesting worn, rusty tones, oxides, representing old farm machinery and earth from images and experience. Height was important that the viewer could stand and look up as I had so many times of my windmill… reflecting on the motion and symbols and shapes that created a movement – the metaphor of the work that symbolised, for me, of death and of life. The cycle of life always looking forward on strong foundations learned from the past…

Volume transfer technique 20/11/2013

Volume transfer technique 20/11/2013

Over the next week my Road Trips took a shocking halt when that weekend of the 24th of November my vehicle aquaplaned off the road, 3 meteres down an embankment in the dark :/ !! Frightening experience, lest for the tree that saved me from rolling!!

Volume Transfer Technique 20/11/2013

Volume Transfer Technique 20/11/2013

With determination, I tuned my mountain bike gears, dusted off the seat and off I went frantically completing my Totem in time for the end of year exhibition at Tafe for the 6th of December!!

I guess it really hit home for me that I had created a home and friends came out of the woodwork upon my plea’s for assistance in gathering materials required to complete the Totem. The solo adventure now became a group event and the support and strength I received I will always be in gratitude, more and more my “Totem” was shaping into a self portrait of my environment.

Oxide silk screen Test#2
Windmill silk screen print 19/11/2012



Bisque ware Totem 20/11/2013 Maria Mago

Bisque ware
Totem 20/11/2013
Maria Mago

Concrete base and metal pole complete 04/12/2013

Concrete base and metal pole complete

The last photo to upload is the “Totem” installed in the gallery along side the “Road Trip” silk screen prints

Phew! its official! I am a mad potter 🙂



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