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Tanks Art centre Fathers Day

September 2, 2013

Waking up early on Sunday morning to the first day of Spring brought little butterflies to my stomach, a flutter of excitement and anticipation was upon me… Father’s Day Carnival on Collins was to commemorate my first public appearance as a potter at the TAFE promotion for the Arts Department  pottery and printmaking demonstrations. Students were given the opportunity to sell some of their artwork and help promote the Arts at the Festival.

Busily I worked into the wee hours of mornings completing pieces and fussing over details of presenting my work, packaging and worries of the perception by the general public of my work. After working 20 years in Hospitality I thought I had confidence in customer relations with the public, this was different, I was presenting and selling my work, for the very first time I was taking the next step.

Handmade recycled packaging 30/09/2013

Handmade recycled packaging 30/09/2013

Saturday morning surprise 01/09/2013

Saturday morning surprise 01/09/2013

Early bird buddies at kiln unloading session Saturday morning 01/09/2013

Early bird buddies Saturday morning 01/09/2013


slip cast porcelain teapot, tissue transfer 28/08/2013

The day was a buzz, walking to the Tanks to set up my little table through the crowds of seasoned market stall holders setting up, as I scurried along with my hands full of my own wares,  I watched them chatting away with their neighbours, smiles from strangers, careful not to trip over the boxes and trestles sprawling on the street with a backdrop of Spring sunrise glistening on the age old tropical trees surrounding the Botanical Garden avenue,  I felt a part of something exciting, I felt at home among the chaos and anticipation of the impending crowd attending the Festival.

my ceramics display

my ceramics display

I had time to settle my nerves and relaxed chatting with fellow art students who came along to set up their displays, it was  lovely to chat and see the activity of the pottery and printmaking demonstrations. Soon people started to arrive into the Tank to view and purchase our work.


I had no idea why I worried as the reception I received from sooo many lovely people who bought my wares and positive words of encouragement from complete strangers was astounding. I had lovely conversations with people from all walks of life and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the entire day. People appreciated the handmade ceramic ware, watching their faces and reaction as they picked up a piece and held it, felt it, connected and discussing the technique and procedure. I have such passion for ceramics, here was an audience willing to stop and listen or share a story of their own with me. I invited the shy passer by to pick up the cup or bowl I could see their eye fixed on and experience the beauty of the ceramic ware, this again led to more shared stories.


pottery demonstrations

printmaking demonstration 02/09/2013

printmaking demonstration 02/09/2013

People had stopped to ask questions and admire my work and asked if I sold anywhere else!! With ambitions to set up in the local market scene, online Etsy and local shops I have more confidence in the direction I see myself in the coming months. With studies to complete and concepts in design to further develop I aim to sell before Xmas my very own market stall, and next year I plan to be among the seasoned market stall holders on the street and give a smile of encouragement to other emerging artists who scurry along the street to next years Tafe Tanks Art Market pottery and printmaking demonstrations.

A great big heartfelt Thank you to all for the supportive comments I received from all the beautiful people I had great fortune to meet and chat with and bought my wares to new found homes.


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