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Printmaking- Collage & Etching 2013

August 18, 2013

I resigned my full time working life to commence full time study in July 2013, undertaking Ceramics and Printmaking, first lesson in printmaking commenced with Collage Prints, already delving into applying silk screen prints to ceramics I was excited to learn  and develop further surface decoration techniques to ceramicware.

Collage print 07/07/2013

Collage print 07/07/2013

Collage Print detail 17/07/2013

Collage Print detail

The colours would form ideas for future glazing and the images produced would become a platform in design elements for my ceramic ware.


Collage print
skeleton leaves, dried tree roots, netting


Collage print 07/07/2013 />sand, bark, feathers, dried leaf


detail collage print


collage print
leaves, tissue

The following class involved etching, taking a photo image from my “Road Trip” series I began with making a pull from the initial etch. Bitumen tar is painted to the metal plate and lightly, the image is transferred to plate,  followed with a bath in acid the plate gets its first bite.

I accidently etched a little too hard, on the power lines you will see a few ‘bur’ marks where the acid has bitten into the plate too much, using cartridge paper for a second sample to work with, I developed onto the next stage of “Softground etching”.


Etching Stage#1


softground etching and Aquatint

Working on a small plate 17cm H, 12cm W I managed to apply some dried material of bark and stripped dried palm fronds to impress into the plate after an application of Universal Etching Ground, the plate is covered with paper and put through the press leaving indentations on the plate. A further time into an acid bath and wiped back for further consideration.

Aquatint is the following technique, lightly spraypainted the plate is then applied with different techniques with acid, I painted the acid into areas that would resemble clouds, waiting one minute each time and then reapplying onto the areas, repeating up to 6-8 times.

This week I will finalise the plate add more detail on the telegraph poles and background and printing with different colours. Also in the studio I am preparing a silk screen for prints I have working on, thus far printing background colours to build up tonal variations and finally the image printed of my “Road Trip” series.

Happy pottering



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  1. thank u for the information on the program

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