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Vintage Cups Glazed©

August 16, 2013
First Glaze Test 29/04/2013

First Glaze Test

Goodness me, time does fly by! These are the Vintage Doily Cups that I was working on back in April. The first two tests were glazed with eggshell blue and tin white oxide, cobalt blue glaze and Tin White Oxide and Oxidised Shino. I placed them in the lower shelves of the kiln hoping for soft mauve colours and pink hues….Alas a concern!

The first time I saw them my heart sank, it was not the effect I was after. After wiping clean the glaze off the cups from the waxing application on motifs, the surface of the vessel was damp and did not take the glaze sufficiently. (p.s note to oneself, BREATHE and PATIENCE) In the excitement and learning of room available in the glaze firing kiln @ TAFE, that was getting fired any moment now! , I rushed into the glazing and this is what happens!


Fortunately I learned from that lesson and the next firing was very successful, my heart had wings on them when I saw THAT pink I had in my mind and the lovely effects on the glazed Blue Cobalt and Tin White! I imagined my grandmother smiling with me and picking up a cup for the first time in my hands, cradling and admiration of this miracle! Anyone would have thought I just gave birth!, in some sense I had, my mind was racing of all future applications and techniques within the firing process.

Tin White Oxide and Dark Eggshell Blue Handbuilt Stoneware 29/04/2013 Maria Mago

©Tin White Oxide and Dark Eggshell Blue
Handbuilt Stoneware 29/04/2013
Maria Mago

Detail View

Detail View


The connection I experience with the vessel is a direct connection with myself. I am look into the palms of my hands as I cradle this object. It is beautiful and I treat it carefully, placing it on the table gently, sharing the experience with other potters, standing around this vessel, each person connecting to some extent with this vessel.



I sent one of the teacups to my sister for her birthday, it was one of my favourites, with lovely pink hues and soft green within the motifs. She called with excitement in her voice, expressing her happiness and not wanting to use it because it was just so pretty to just look at! It sits in her kitchen, proudly displayed until the day I arrive with my own teacup, similar to her own but not the same!,  we drink tea or slip a splash of wine in them 😉 together….


Happy Pottering


©All images remain as property @marikaceramics. ©Design and concept elements remain as intellectual property @marikaceramics as per copyright laws.


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  1. They’re lovely Marika. You should be happy.

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