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Vintage Cups work in progress©

April 27, 2013

Here is an update of the progress of my vintage Inspired Cups. I have glazed the doily motifs with a lovely  Blue Eggshell Glaze.

I have wiped back the glaze to reveal the lovely doily prints on the lids and body of vessels.




I am also using a Blue glaze, placed in the cooler shelves in the kiln they will achieve a lovely soft mauve colour

071waxing waxing waxing

waxing waxing waxing

Waxing the vessels over the doily prints, the time to do each motif on every cup was lengthy but overall the effects will be worth it, as every potter is mad, persevering to reach the result which they envision…


Kerry Grierson.  Wonderwoman and Tutor.

Head of the Ceramics Department @ TAFE Cairns



The ceramics department @ TAFE Cairns Australia

180 degrees of lovely inspiring views of the ranges sweep the landscape


glazing the cups. 23/04/2013


After many hours of waxing, I covered the areas of detail I wanted to keep colour, cleaned the cups of glazed colour before they receive a final dip in Tin White glaze. The Eggshell glaze will react with the Tin White glaze and the effect will give a delicate pink shade around the detail of the doily print!

Two of the cups went into the kiln for a test firing on Tuesday 23/04/2013. Monday morning class will have a lovely surprise waiting for me. I popped a few jewellery pieces into the firing as well, only 2 more sleeps….

Hope your all having a lovely weekend, I will share the photos with you Monday morning!

All images remain as property @marikaceramics. Design and concept elements remain as intellectual property @marikaceramics as per copyright laws.


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  1. These pieces look beautiful! I love the ornamentation and colors.

    • Thank you, there will be another surprise when I go into class on Monday and view the test pieces fired of Friday! Can’t wait to see the colours…..will be sure to post some photos of the finished result. Only 2 more sleeps!

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