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Raku Fire

March 19, 2013

All images remain as property @marikaceramics. Design and concept elements remain as intellectual property @marikaceramics as per copyright laws.

  1. HI, it’s great seeing someone else learning blog site making on the hoof, like me. Good luck with it all (ceramics as well)

    • Thank you, I have ambitions to apply for art grants and this was a platform suggested by my friends who keep pushing me to sell my wares. I have a few ‘prototypes’ on the go and am ready to take the next step in sharing my ideas. I have had such lovely supporting comments and that in itself has been the most rewarding. Kind regards. maria

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Interesting work you are doing, especially the raku. I’ll follow with interest, and good luck with the blog – I greatly enjoy doing mine.

    • Thank you, I am still blundering around and figuring out a few things, I appreciate your comments. Time management is crucial, between making ceramics and study and work squeezing in the time is an art form in itself! I will be experimenting with horse hair in an upcoming raku fire, I admire the your work that I viewed. looking forward to that day! happy pottering

      • Thanks Marika – I’m sure your work is as good as mine, don’t underestimate what you are doing! I’m only an amateur potter, even though I sell quite a lot.
        I find posting on the blog once a week is about right, likewise keeping it short and sweet. An unusual title – Pete’s Pots – plus the regular traffic to the blog – means that I’m always on the first page when people do a search, and I can say to people “Just Google Pete’s Pots to find out more”, which is way easier than typing in a web address. So, more people search > +ve feedback. Anyway, good luck with everything.

      • marikaceramics permalink

        Cheers pete, I appreciate your encouraging words, I am more confident with my work and looking to sell at local art markets this year! yeah. it was very daunting to enter the space out there in blog universe for people to view my work and a novice blogger! thanx for the tips and inspiring words. Happy pottering! mari

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