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Children of the Evolution 2012©

March 18, 2013

In 2012 I commenced a Multi- Cast mold making course at TAFE Cairns, as part of the Visual Arts Diploma in Ceramics. I constructed plaster cast molds using found objects from Op Shops and carcasses left over from a Cairns Mud Crab feast, frozen chicken feet were a discovery from a local butcher. I started to create a series titled Children of the Evolution, sculptures reminiscent of mythological creatures, encapsulating nostalgia childhood memories.

 Stoneware Silp Cast

“I am Woman. Hear me Roar” 2012

dolls 075

I use a Walkers Stoneware slip and spray paint Tin White glaze on the sculptures, I experimented with coloured glazes as well recreating a style reminiscent of Kitsch ceramic sculptures from the 70’s.

Dressed in Sunday Best Construction 2012

Dressed in Sunday Best Construction 2012

Each piece is nostalgia from my childhood,  Sunday Roast chickens from one of the very fresh chooks in our backyard, the reluctant Sunday Church service dressed in our starched Sunday best. Coming home from church to home wafting with smells of sunday roast, Mum would send us eight kids off to play in the backyard in our dungarees while she prepared lunch listening to her favourite record, Dad tinkering under the bonnet of his prized Ford Galaxie..

Dressed in Sunday Best2012

Dressed in Sunday Best

There were summer days where we all piled into Dad’s blue combi van for day trips to the beach, discovering other worlds in rockpools, chasing the surf waves and gelati.

stoneware slip

Zen Boy
Construction. 2012©


Lobster Claw Boy
Construction ©2012

Lobster claw Boy

Lobster Claw Boy

Love and Devotion
Construction 2012
The First Step of FaithStoneware Slip Cast 2012
The First Step of Faith Stoneware Slip Cast 2012

©All images remain as property @marikaceramics. ©Design and concept elements remain as intellectual property @marikaceramics as per copyright laws.©

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