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Architectural Ceramics 2011

March 17, 2013


I undertook architectural ceramics at Tafe Cairns where I focused on sculptural ceramic lighting. One of favourite ceramic artists is Margaret O’Rorke, whose work inspired me to pursue study in architectural lighting, her handbook Clay, Light and Water became my bible.

I researched the work of Sasha Wardell who creates beautiful multi coloured slip cast bowls, slicing the surface with a razor blade to reveal the underlying colours. Scabetti design team execute small porcelain cast objects, grouped together to form large-scale sculptural lighting.

Porcelain has a plasticity quality and memory,  any imperfections will become apparent during the firing process, the forms can distort and crack. After many attempts to create the perfect shaped three-piece lightpod , i was very excited to see other possibilities available with porcelain. The translucency and dexterity of porcelain was perfect to use for sculptural lighting.

Porcelain bone dry can be sanded, scratched, etched to a sheer translucency, creating sculptural depth to the vessel. For hours I would sand and fire the piece, sanding further with fine wet and dry sanding paper to create a beautiful smooth surfaces.


Chinese tissue on Porcelain



Bonedry Porcelain.


Bisque Fired Lightpod

Cobalt Blue and White Porcelain slip cast prototypes.


With holes added as feature after accidently shaving through.



Bone dry prototypes, experimenting with larger forms. I found a large wooden egg at Tafe and cast one, the other slimmer lightpod I turned the shape on the wheel and plaster cast the forms. During my study, Sasha Wardell launched her range of lampshades, the shapes were similar to the ones I just cast, I  decided to continue with the round lightpods and group a few together.



Let there be light! The soft hue of light illuminating from the lightpods.



prototype #3November 2011

prototype #3
©November 2011

Producing wheel thrown forms for Raku Fire. 2011

raku fired light sculptural piece

©raku fired light sculptural piece

light pods 2011

©All images remain as property @marikaceramics. ©Design and concept elements remain as intellectual property @marikaceramics as per copyright laws.©

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