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2012Stoneware slip cast

Stoneware slip cast

Originally from Melbourne, I received  my B.A in Fine Art at Ballarat University. Initially as a multi-disciplinary degree in Painting and Ceramics, I opted to complete my major in painting and broadened my oeuvre in photography and printmaking. Shortly after I moved to Cairns and began to pursue my study of ceramics.

Initially as a novice potter, I enrolled at the Cairns Potters Club and later commenced  formal training at Tafe Cairns. I completed my Certificate IV in Visual Art and Contemporary Craft, currently I am undertaking units within the Diploma of Visual Arts – Ceramics and Printmaking at Tafe Far North Queensland.

My current body of work “Road Trip” initially progressed through images captured on my journeys to the country area of Cairns, The Tablelands. On connecting with my environment I found that the road trips were a metaphor and the symbolism in the country iconic images were finding their way into my work.

Colours of earth and sky featured predominately within my silk screen prints both on paper and ceramics, eventually geometric symbolism in road signs I found contained a strong sense of “Road Trip”, the concept to evoke a journey within the development of technique and application of both mediums would eventually form the direction toward the construction of my “Totem”, combining my mediums of printmaking and ceramics.


©All images remain the property @marikaceramics. ©design and concept elements remain as intellectual property @marikaceramucs©

  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog “Eyes to Heart.” … We are fans of raku pottery. Yours in lovely. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

    • thank you. I enjoyed your story of the sales assistant episode. I will be doing a raku fire next month and will take a video shot of the process using horse hair for the first time for effect. p.s I highly recommend Burt’s Bees, they make wonderful lip balms and gorgeous lip gloss that are all natural and lasting, usually health stores or chemist, I use a lip liner to colour in lips and gloss with a Burts Bee product, feels amazing especially the beeswax with peppermint oil, refreshing!

      • Hey, thanks for the tip. Believe it or not, at my bridal shower last week a tube of Burt’s Bees beeswax with peppermint was included in my gift. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll do that right now! … Yes, I’d be interested in seeing the raku process using horse hair. Sounds intriguing. … Thanks again for the tip. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. … Bee well 😉 … Dorothy

  2. Sharon permalink

    Love your work your energy and enthusiasm ,I do the Monday ceramic class and have seen your work ,now I can enjoy your work and words from your website,looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Promotions and Development permalink

    Hello Marikaceramics. I have been trying to get in contact with you, but can not find an email address for you. Could you please email me so I can send some information through to you? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  4. Mark permalink

    Hola Marika,

    You are one smart lady; it was a great pleasure in meeting such a talented individual as yourself, thanks for taking the time in talking with me. I really appreciate in what you do….!



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